Active Filings Review: All You Need to Know About LLC Formation Services

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to start a business, then you’ve probably heard of LLCs. But what exactly are they?

Well, an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a type of legal structure that protects the personal assets of the owners from any liabilities or debts incurred by the business. It’s a popular choice among small businesses because it offers flexibility in management and taxation options.

Now, forming an LLC can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. That’s where LLC formation services like active filings come in handy. They specialize in helping entrepreneurs set up their businesses quickly and efficiently by handling all the paperwork and legal requirements for them.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience with Active Filings and giving you all the information you need to decide whether they’re the right fit for your business needs. So let’s dive into this active filings review!

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What is an LLC and Why Use an LLC Formation Service

If you’re considering starting a business, LLCs are a great option. They offer several benefits, such as limited liability protection and pass-through taxation. An LLC is also flexible in terms of ownership structure and management, making it an appealing choice for many entrepreneurs.

However, the LLC formation process can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s where an LLC formation service comes in handy. These services provide assistance with filing the necessary paperwork, obtaining required licenses and permits, and ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Using an LLC formation service not only saves you time and effort but also gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is done correctly. You can focus on growing your business while leaving the legalities to the professionals.

With that said, let’s dive into an active filings overview to understand how these services can help you form your LLC efficiently.

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Active Filings Overview

In this section, I’ll give you a quick overview of what Active Filings does. Active Filings is an LLC formation service that helps entrepreneurs and business owners form their own LLCs. They offer three different pricing plans to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.

Their Basic plan costs $25 plus state fees, while their Standard plan costs $100 plus state fees, and their Complete plan costs $299 plus state fees. Active Filings provides excellent customer support to help guide you through the LLC formation process. You can contact them via phone or email to get answers to any questions you may have about forming your LLC.

They also offer a free business name search tool on their website so that you can check if your desired business name is available before filing for an LLC. Overall, Active Filings is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable LLC formation service. With their competitive pricing plans and top-notch customer support, they make it easy to form your own LLC without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed by the process.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at some customer reviews to see what real people have to say about using Active Filings for their own businesses.

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Customer Reviews

You’ll discover firsthand what other entrepreneurs are saying about their experience with this LLC formation service through customer reviews. These reviews can be found on the Active Filings website and other third-party review platforms.

The importance of authenticity in these reviews cannot be overstated, as they provide potential customers with a glimpse into the actual experiences of others who’ve used the service. The impact of customer feedback is significant when it comes to choosing an LLC formation service.

Positive reviews can reassure potential customers that they’re making the right choice, while negative reviews can steer them towards a different provider. It’s important to read a variety of reviews, both positive and negative, to get a well-rounded understanding of what to expect from the service.

Incorporating customer feedback into business decisions is essential for any company looking to improve and grow. Active Filings seems to understand this concept well, as evidenced by their willingness to showcase both positive and negative customer experiences on their website.

This emphasis on transparency and accountability sets them apart from competitors in the industry.

Comparison with Competitors

When it comes to LLC formation services, there are a lot of options out there. In this discussion, I want to take a look at how Active Filings compares to some of its competitors.

Specifically, we’ll be looking at the similar services offered by these companies and weighing the pros and cons of each option.

Similar Services Offered by Competitors

Many competitors in the industry offer similar services for LLC creation. Some of these companies include incfile, legalzoom, and rocket lawyer. Each company has its own pricing comparison and customer support quality that sets them apart from one another.

Incfile offers affordable prices for their services, with a basic package starting at $0 plus state fees. Their customer support is available via phone or email, and they provide a learning center on their website to assist customers with any questions they may have.

LegalZoom offers higher pricing but provides more extensive options for LLC creation and additional legal services such as trademark registration. They also offer 24/7 customer support through various channels, including phone, chat, and email.

Rocket Lawyer takes an approach to combine legal software with lawyer consultation services to provide comprehensive solutions for LLC formation needs. They offer competitive pricing packages with access to licensed attorneys and personalized legal documents.

In the subsequent section about the pros and cons of active filings compared to competitors, we’ll dive deeper into the unique features of Active Filings that set them apart from their competitors in the industry while discussing how they compare in terms of pricing and customer support quality.

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Pros and Cons of Active Filings Compared to Competitors

Looking to find the best LLC creation service for your business? Check out our comparison of Active Filings and its competitors, highlighting the unique pros and cons that set each apart.

One key advantage of Active Filings is its pricing options, which are transparent and affordable compared to other formation services. Additionally, they offer a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you receive quality service or your money back.

On the other hand, customer support may be an issue with Active Filings. While they do have knowledgeable representatives available during business hours, their online resources could use improvement. This may be a dealbreaker if you prefer self-service options or need assistance outside of regular business hours.

Ultimately, it’s important to weigh these factors and determine if Active Filings is right for your specific business needs.

Is Active Filings Right for Your Business?

Deciding if Active Filings is the right fit for your business comes down to weighing the benefits and drawbacks of their LLC formation services.

One advantage is that they offer a range of packages at various price points, which makes it easy to find one that fits your budget. Additionally, unlike some competitors, they provide registered agent services for free for the first year.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. The cost of their premium package is higher than some other LLC formation services, and they do not offer any additional features like website design or marketing assistance. Another factor to keep in mind is that while Active Filings does have positive customer reviews overall, they do have some negative feedback as well.

Ultimately, whether or not Active Filings is right for your business depends on what you’re looking for in an LLC formation service. If you prioritize affordability and access to a registered agent, then they may be a good choice. However, if you’re willing to spend more money for additional features or want a company with overwhelmingly positive reviews, then another provider might be a better fit.


Overall, I found Active Filings LLC formation services to be a solid choice for those looking to form an LLC. Their prices are competitive and they offer a variety of packages to fit different needs. Plus, their customer service is top-notch with friendly and knowledgeable representatives available to answer any questions.

However, it’s important to do your own research and compare Active Filings with other LLC formation services before making a final decision. Depending on your specific needs, another company may be a better fit for you.

But if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy option with great customer support, then Active Filings is definitely worth considering.

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What is an LLC?

An LLC is a limited liability company, which is a business structure that provides personal liability protection for the owners while also allowing for flexible management and distribution of profits.

What is Active Filings?

Active Filings is a company that provides LLC formation services for entrepreneurs who want to start a business.

Why do I need an LLC?

You need an LLC to protect your personal assets from lawsuits or other legal issues that may arise from your business.

How much does it cost to use Active Filings?

Active Filings offers different formation packages ranging from $79 to $279 depending on your needs.

What services does Active Filings offer?

Active Filings offers a variety of LLC formation services including registered agent service, EIN (tax ID) application, operating agreement drafting and more.

How long does the LLC formation process take?

The LLC formation process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your state.

Can I form an LLC myself without the help of a service like Active Filings?

Yes, you can form an LLC yourself, but it can be a time-consuming, complex process and it requires familiarity with your state’s legal requirements.

Does Active Filings offer ongoing maintenance for my LLC?

Yes, Active Filings offers ongoing LLC maintenance services such as filing annual reports, taxes, and amendments, as well as renewing your registered agent service.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the service from Active Filings?

Yes, Active Filings offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund the formation service fee if you are not happy with their service.

Will Active Filings advice me on which business structure is best for me?

Yes, Active Filings provides free consultation to assess your situation and recommend the right business structure to meet your unique needs.

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